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About Me

My name is Arturo Guerra, I'm 18 and planning to study Computer Science in the near future. I love messing with computers which has developed my love and interest for fixing hardware and programing. I'm currently one of the main developers of Auttaja a very nice Discord bot that currenly serves around 400 servers. I also enjoy fixing computer hardware ie. Phones and Computer, and I did that as a job when I was living in canada.

I have about year and a half of experience programing in python and consider myself fairly experienced on it. I also have knowledge in JavaScript and some C, But of cource TXT is my main programing language and consider myself a professional notepad coder looool. That last part was totaly serious. I'm currenly gettings into web development and thats why I made this website. If you want to see my other projects go to my GitHub or click on the projects tab at the top of the website.

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Look at my github projects you might find something you like.

Most of my projects are open-sourced so feel free to use them